When you are deep in the wilderness, far away from immediate supply refills or help, you want to be damn sure that the gear that you have with you and are relying on will not fail. The gear should do its job extremely well every single time and continue to do so over extended heavy use. With these attributes covered, some signature or unique design elements are also a nice addition, if you can’t be good at least look good, eh? When reviewing gear, we at BushCraftConnoisseur always take functionality as the highest priority. Second we measure durability with a focus on normal use in regards to the original design of each piece of gear. Lastly we like cool looking gear too, and look for gear that has style to it. The focus of these reviews is not to bash gear or highlight low performing products for the sake of content generation, and as such don’t be surprised by the lack of negative feedback on this site. Don’t misunderstand us, if there is an issue we will highlight it, but we pride ourselves on our pre-testing research in order to find only the best of the best gear to test. All of the gear and skills reviewed on this site have been tested live in the bush. There are no skills or gear featured on this site that has been cherry picked from a catalog or that is being featured after seeing it at a trade show or event for upcoming products. If you want to see only the latest brand new gear, go somewhere else, we at BushcraftConnoisseur will only feature gear and skills that have been time tested and proven their quality and durability. That’s a promise!