MoraKniv is a Swedish company formed in 2005 out of Frosts Knivfabric and KJ Eriksson, two long time knife makers that can trace their knife making roots to the late 1800’s. The next two articles will feature two of their knives, both new and old. The focus of the company is to take traditional knife making techniques, that have been honed and perfected forimage centuries, and apply them to the modern manufacturing process. The result? Damn affordable knives with damn good performance.

Since their inception, MoraKniv has begun to make some waves in the industry, providing high performing knives at really hard to beat prices. The MoraKniv Pro S is a beautiful example of this marriage of quality craftsmanship and modern manufacturing. Lets cut to the chase, this knife retails at $14.99. Yes, you read that right, $14.99. I don’t care if you are a knife snob or not, that is bottom of the barrel cheap. The crazy thing, is that the knife isn’t.

The Pro S, despite its extremely low asking price, is really a very good knife. Right out of the package the knife is razor sharp (As it should be….wait, haven’t I used that line before?) and cuts really well. With very little effort and with even better control I was able to shave off feather sticks, no problem. There was no stuttering or uncontrolled biting into the wood, just nice smooth curly shavings, perfect for getting a fire going. Next, I tried some even finer work, making a pot hook. No problem, even with the deeper cuts.

MoraKniv Pro S knife and Sheath

The knife features a clip point stainless steel blade, that has been hardened to endure the stresses of hard use. As you might expect from a Swedish knife, the blade has a Scandi grind. This is considered by many to be the optimal blade grind for bushcraft work. I used it from start to finish making all of the materials necessary for a knee high fire, including batoning thicker pieces and the only time I ran into issues was with bigger knotty logs. I don’t count this too heavily against the knife because of its size.

MoraKniv Pro S grip

Overall the knife is 8-1/4″ long, the blade occupying 3-5/8″ of that length. At the spine of the knife it measures 0.08″ thick. The knife only weights 2.9 oz. which is really very light for a knife its size. This is a big plus for me, some of the knives that I have used are much heavier and you can’t help but notice them at your hip (or wherever else you attach it, don’t tell me its in your boot. What are you Rambo?). This knife is so light you will forget it is even attached to you until your hand brushes up against it. Weight saver, plus!

MoraKniv Pro S blade profile

The handle of the knife is made of an impact resistant TPE rubber and features a partial hilt that serves to protect your fingers from slipping up into the blade. The knife comes with a plastic sheath that features and attached belt clip, water drainage hole in the bottom. One novel feature, a small knob that protrudes from the outside of the sheath, can be used to affix another MoraKniv onto the first and will have you dreaming of walking into the woods armed to the gills with a knife suitable for every occasion.

The TPE rubber handle that MoraKniv used with this knife is my favorite part. It is a bit oversized when compared to the size of the blade and this just makes it really comfortable to hold and use. Even with extended use and testing my hand didn’t ever seem to get sore or abused like it can with the harder Micarta scales used in the handle of my ESEE-5. ¬†Apart from being comfortable to hold and use, the rubber used on the MoraKniv Pro S is tacky and even when wet it still maintains a solid grip. The grip is so good on it that the partial hilt that was inlcuded in the shape of the handle probably wasn’t absolutely necessary but it is a nice safety feature regardless. You would really have to try and cut yourself, because the hand that is holding the knife isn’t going anywhere.

MoraKniv Pro S grip in sheath

In terms of durability I have not had any issues with the knife so far. I have used it to complete a variety of bushcraft tasks, in wet and humid conditions, and the stainless steel has held up with no signs of rusting or corrosion whatsoever. I have batoned wood with this knife and hit the back of the spine with wood in order to make deeper cuts. So far it has shown no signs of breakage under that pressure.

I will clarify by saying that I have NOT torture tested this knife. By that I mean that I haven’t attempted to push this knife to the point where it does break, only to then say “see, it is no good because it broke when I hit it with a blacksmith’s hammer”. With that, I will bring up my one downside to this knife and it is, admittedly, to be expected with a knife this inexpensive. The knife is only a partial tang. Meaning, the steel beyond the blade does not fully extend into the handle of the knife. This creates a weak point. This knife was meant to be a work knife, but ones for which a knife was designed, cutting.

Despite that critique I would highly recommend this knife to anybody interested in getting into Bushcraft. In fact, I would almost go as far as to say that this SHOULD be the first knife that you buy when getting started. It is lightweight, the belt clip makes it easy to carry and because of this it will not be a burden to carry with you. It is sharp out of the package and stays sharp for a long time with very little effort to sharpen once the blade does dull. It has a comfortable handle that is easy on the hands and safe because of the partial hilt and grip. And finally, drumroll please, it is $14.99!!

MoraKniv's Pro S and Original 1 Knives

For a starter knife to train and practice your bush skills with, you cannot beat this knife. Would I tell you to put it in your Bug Out Bag, filled with the gear that will take you through the impending collapse of the grid, that will plunge our Golden Aged civilization back into the horrors and squalor of the dark ages, left to fend for ourselves in the mud, fighting it out like animals, every man, woman and child for themselves? (to dramatic?) Of course not! But, this knife IS perfectly suited for the training and practice necessary to surviving that horrible new reality. It is also perfect to throw in your truck as a go to utility knife that you won’t worry about losing, breaking or getting dirty. It is a tool, through and through, and performs exceedingly well at the job it was designed to accomplish.

Stay tuned for the second knife in this series the MoraKniv Original 1!

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