What is Cairn, and Why am I Reviewing It?

Cairn is a monthly box service that promises to deliver outdoor inspiration every month in your mailbox. Inside the box, you get 3 to 6 surprise outdoor products to add to your already out of control gear closet. I have never tried a monthly box subscription service but used to have a subscription to National Geographic Kids when I was younger, and l loved having something to look forward to every month. Cairn seemed like a natural first choice.

I decided to give the monthly box service a full run. This is box 2 of 6 Cairn Box reviews, followed by an overall review of the monthly box service. Since I want to keep these reviews timely, there will only be a basic description of the products inside and my first impressions. If I think anything is cool enough I might dedicate full reviews to them individually.

Cairn Box #2


My second box came promptly on the 14th of the month. So far this has been consistent, which is great because you can count on when you are going to be getting your box every month. This box was a bit bigger than the last one which had me more excited than I was the first go around. Like the first box, the loot was accompanied by a postcard featuring the quote “I hate having my life disrupted by routine” ~Caskie Stinnett.

1. GoToob by humangear- Travel Squeeze Tube

Cair_Box_Review_2 Cair_Box_Review_3

Humangear is a company started in San Francisco, California in 2007 with a mission to develop “real gear for real humans.” They create cleverly designed products with an eye for ergonomic detail and sustainability. The GoToob is a small multi-purpose squeeze tube. It is airplane carry-on approved, food-safe (FDA), and 100% BPA and PC-free. You could use it to store some lotion, a condiment or any other viscous material you need to bring along with you. So it is essentially a travel squeeze tube. I will probably end up putting some hand lotion in mine and throw it in my first-aid/self-care kit. Nothing crazy exciting but definitely useful, especially if you hate having to run to the store to buy TSA-approved travel size personal care products over time you go on a trip. Let’s be honest, they always get lost or thrown out after the trip.

2. GoTubb by humangear- One-Handed Open Containers

Cair_Box_Review_4 Cair_Box_Review_5

Also by humangear, the GoTubb is a set of three small containers that feature the novelty of one-handed opening. Like the GoToob they are food-safe (FDA) and 100% BPA-free, PC-free, and phthalate-free. The GoTubbs were the sleeper hit with me of this box. They have become my go-to storage solution for hiking snacks. Almonds, blueberries, baby carrots, whatever. I have even been using these when I pack my lunch for work and will be using them to store snacks on any upcoming trips. These containers would be pretty handy even for home storage use. Nails, bolts, anything small that you need to store.

3. UCO Leschi Lantern+Flashlight

UCO is an outdoor gear company located in Washington state established in 1971. UCO stands for Utility, Comfort, and Originality, the company aims to make products that encompass all of those qualities. This has led to great little pieces of kit like the Leschi lantern+flashlight. The Leschi is a tiny collapsible 110-lumen flashlight (on hi-mode) that doubles as a lantern when expanded. It is IPX5 water resistant rated, only takes 1 AA battery, weighs in at only 1.6 ozs with battery, and features a 4-hour runtime on the lower setting.

Cair_Box_Review_6 Cair_Box_Review_7

I really like this little light. It is very small and lightweight so I can keep it in my EDC bag without adding too much weight or taking up much space. The light is plenty bright when being used as a flashlight but it is the ability to change from the flashlight to the lantern mode that has me sold. Some camp tasks are just easier to accomplish with the ambient light of a lantern rather than having to constantly point and aim the direct beam of a flashlight. Another cool feature is that if you do need the higher intensity of the flashlight beam but need both hands to accomplish your task the Leschi has a small length of shock cord and a fastener so that you can affix the light to a tree branch and aim it at your project.

Cair_Box_Review_8 Cair_Box_Review_9 Cair_Box_Review_10 Cair_Box_Review_11

4. Urban Gear Survivaltool Multi-Tool

Urban Gear is a very new company, founded in 2013 that “provides pocket-sized tools that make everyday life easier”. They manufacture multi-tools, knives, lights and other pocket-sized items to handle every day and wilderness survival tasks.

Cair_Box_Review_12 Cair_Box_Review_13

The Urban Gear Survivaltool is a small keychain multi-tool featuring 9 different tool uses. Included uses are as follows; flathead screwdriver, four wrench sizes, bottle opener, thread cutter, 1” ruler, nail file and a quick-release clip. So far the bottle opener has probably gotten the most use out of any of the tools but I also really like how they included a thread cutter, which is super convenient to have when your out fishing. This little guy has become a mainstay on my EDC keychain.

5. Discount Code Coupon Card

The box also included a second postcard that has 3 discount codes for outdoor gear. They included codes for UCO, Urban Gear, and Lander. All the codes were pretty good including 20% off your entire order. Coupons are always a plus.

My second Cairn box was every bit as good as the first and has me even more excited about the subscription service than I was after the first box. Of course, you can’t expect to get anything crazy inside one of your monthly boxes but knowing that you’re going to consistently get good value and quality gear every month is awesome. In particular, my favorite piece from this month’s box was the UCO Leschi lantern. Like I said above, this lantern/light has become a permanent piece in my EDC bag, but the HumanGear Gotubbs are an easy second favorite. Really looking forward to the next batch of goodies in box 3!


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