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What is Cairn, and Why am I Reviewing It?

Cairn is a monthly box service that promises to deliver outdoor inspiration every month in your mailbox. Inside the box, you get 3 to 6 surprise outdoor products to add to your already out of control gear closet. I have never tried a monthly box subscription service but used to have a subscription to National Geographic Kids when I was younger, and l loved having something to look forward to every month. Cairn seemed like a natural first choice.

I decided to give the monthly box service a full run so this will be 1 of 6 Cairn Box reviews at the least, to be followed by an overall review of the monthly box service. Since I want to keep these reviews timely, there will only be a basic description of the products inside and my first impressions. If I think anything is cool enough I might dedicate full reviews to them individually.

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I received my first Cairn box roughly 3 weeks after first placing my subscription. I placed my subscription in mid-July and received that month’s box first. It comes in a recycled cardboard box and has Cairn logo wrapping paper. Pull open the wrapping paper to uncover the goodies inside and you are greeted by a postcard with a photo and inspiring quote. Underneath is the loot.

Cairn Box 4

My first box included:

Picky Bars- “Moraccan Your World” Natural Food Bar

Cairn Box 5

Cairn Box 6

Picky Bars is a company started by a husband and wife team who are both competitive endurance athletes. They believed that there was a gap in the market for a performance AND real food bar. The end result is Picky Bars. They make real food bars with performance sustainment as the main goal using easily digestible, nutrient packed ingredients that are straight from nature. Bonus: If you really like the bars and need to have them on hand all the time, the company offers a subscription service of either 12, 18 or 24 bars a month, delivered right to your door. 

The Picky Bars “Moraccan Your World” bar was delicious in addition to only having 200 calories, 7g of protein, 8g of fat and 28g of carbohydrates. Just enough to give you a little mid-hike pick me up to finish strong. I look forward to trying the other flavors and love that these bars are all-natural. 

Light My Fire Salt N Pepper Plus Spice Box

We have reviewed Light My Fire products on here before and are big fans of the Swedish company. The Salt N Pepper Plus Spice Box is exactly as its name suggests; a small lightweight food-safe plastic spice container. It features 3 separate compartments for holding any of your favorite spices and rubber plugs to prevent them from leaking all over your pack.Cairn Box 7Cairn Box 8

This is a great little container for carrying your favorite flavor of spices to jazz up your backcountry meals. The Salt N Pepper Plus Spice Box has a great little rubber seal around each compartment that seals the container nice and tight, ensuring that your spices stay in the container and that they stay fresh and ready for your late-night chili-mac.

Ground2Table 3 Spice Pack

Ground2Table was founded by a serial entrepreneur in the spice industry. (I didn’t know that was a thing either) He, Jay Fishman, is apparently obsessed with sustainable spices. Hence Ground2Table was born, providing Organic, non-GMO, salt-free and sugar-free food enhancement solutions. Ok, they are individually packaged spice packs. The 3 Spice Pack that I received in the box included an Asian blend, a spicy all-purpose spice pack and a skillet or grill roasting spice pack. I haven’t had the chance to try all three but the spicy all-purpose pack was very good on chicken.  

Cairn Box 9Cairn Box 10

Toaks TiTong Set

TOAKS Outdoor is a growing company from Southern California that is “committed to equipping you for your adventures”. Currently, they specialize in titanium backpacking products to keep you light and fast on the trail. The TiTong set is essentially a Titanium fork and spoon set but includes a plastic U-connector that allows you to combine the two utensils into a set of tongs. Useful for grabbing hot food off the grill or pan. (You could also use these to grab a coal out of the fire if needed)

Cairn Box 11Cairn Box 12

The Toaks TiTong set is, much like the recently featured Luci Solar Lantern, simplicity in design at its finest. Sure you could just use the fork and spoon by themselves with two hands to pick up and flip food on a grill, but by adding the simple plastic U-connector, Toaks has made life much easier for a backcountry chef. If you only have one hand, it is probably even more of a godsend.

Discount Code Coupon

The box also included a second postcard that has 4-6 discount codes for outdoor gear. The discount codes featured were for brands featured directly in the box and also codes for entirely different outdoor gear companies. All the codes were good deals, including 20% off your entire order. This was a nice little kicker for me as a gear junkie.

First Impressions 

Cairn Box 13

I was very happy with my first Cairn Box. It included a bunch of items that generally fall off my radar when buying gear. The type of things that once out there I find myself wishing that I had a better solution for in addition to my usual kit.

Take the Light My Fire spice box. I couldn’t tell you how many trips I have gone on that after getting to our first camp spot and making dinner, I realize that I haven’t packed any salt, pepper or any other kind of spice to, spice up my dehydrated camp meal.

With my Salt N Pepper Plus, I have a dedicated solution and my Chili-Mac will no longer lack for flavor. This first box has me really excited for the next five and I can’t wait to get my hands on the next one!

If you are interested in trying a Cairn Box subscription for yourself, click the link below.

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